Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming


At Woof! Dog Grooming, we groom dogs and cats from all over Blasdell, NY; Hamburg, NY; Orchard Park, NY; Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. As one of the finest dog grooming businesses around, we make sure that your furry friend is treated with love and respect. After all, a clean pet is a happy pet! 

In addition to being experienced with all breeds of dogs and cats, we’re able to provide gentle, safe and clean grooming for pets of all ages. You can bring in your new puppy (after they receive their first shots) and your distinguished elderly dog, we provide compassionate grooming services for them all. No matter their needs, the stylists at Woof! Dog Grooming will use the best techniques to take care of them.
Dog Grooming Hamburg, NY


Cats are well-equipped to tackle their own grooming needs by using their tongue and teeth as built-in grooming tools, however they can use some help sometimes. If your feline friend has gotten very dirty, into something sticky, or is smelly, they may need a professional bath. Our cat grooming professionals have the experience to give your cat the attention it needs with the least stress possible. For more information about our cat grooming services, contact us today!
If you’ve tried trimming your cat's or dog’s nails at home, you know why it’s better to have a professional take care of that particular task. Nail clipping done incorrectly can result in a bloody, painful mess. Done correctly, nail trimming is an important element of keeping your pet healthy and happy, so it’s one of our most requested services here at Woof! Dog Grooming. 

Whether your dog has injured their toenail or your cat is scratching up the upholstery in your home, it’s time to schedule a nail clipping appointment. Before your pet’s nails get out of hand, bring them to our friendly groomers for nail trimming! We provide nail trimming for both dogs and cats.
While some dogs and cats can express their own glands, many others are unable to do so. During the grooming, Woof! Dog Grooming can complete any gland cleansing that your pet needs. Our staff is experienced and professional, so just let us know if your dog or cat needs anal gland expression. If your dog is constantly dragging his or her butt on the floor or seems to be biting at that area, please schedule an appointment at Woof! Dog Grooming.
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